by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Sunday 1st of February 2004 10:24:29 AM


Ken Thalheimer
a 1 for originality? Typical PN idiot with 0 uploads

John Peri
Actually, I made a marble statue out of this one ... http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=650908

steve stanfield
perfect skin tone and composition.

Marty Dimitrov
I like both of these John. Wonderful concept, well done. Who is that moron that gave you a 1 for originality!

Max Zappa
Great ! Beautifully conceived and beautiful model too. It disturbs me somewhat, and thats good. Max Zappa, great work.

focus mankind
I really like the concept and the idea behind it!

John Peri
Many thanks you two, but any rating pushes up a picture on the visibility scale, so it's really of no importance whatsoever. That being said, one is entitled to one's opinion. It only becomes a little disconcerting if one feels that it is not a genuine sentiment.

Ken Thalheimer
Sorry John, there is no justification of a 1 on this shot whatsoever

Jeff Fiore
John, wonderful tonal range in both photos. I like the "Venus" effect because it focuses my attention on the curves. definately a good study of the female form. As far as that 1 rating, I don't mind low ratings if it is accompanied by comments - I had just posted my first portrait so I expect some low ratings. I am sure you would love to critique some of Jan Jurk's work as soon as some are posted.

John Peri
The Library In the series of body parts ..

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