Stormy Afternoon at the Beach

by Tsoi Wilson

stormy afternoon at the beach tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 29th of January 2004 01:17:46 AM


Nicolas Daudin
Yep i could see the couple at first glance: probably Andy Irons and girlfriend ;) Kaua'i is heaven on Earth

Alec Ee
Wilson, I agree with Jennifer. You seem to adjust the levels a wee too much here. (Don't we all sometimes). Many of your images in your portfolio are also similarly colorful although you don't manipulate / composite much. I see you like night scenes and do it well albeit a little noise problem in some images. Perhaps if you use the white balance some will not look too 'tungsten'. Overall you have a great eye for composition. A beautiful portfolio to be proud of. (",)

Wilson Tsoi
..thanks, Alec... ...for taking the time to give meaningful comment. I think I better go get a Colorvision Spyder to re-calibrate my monitor, or I must be going color blind ^_^ !!! BTW, the tungsten color cast on some shots were there since I am still shooting with films (alternate with a compact digicam.) Cheers.

Jenny Catron
Colors on this are good but possibly a little too good. Makes it look as though it isn't really real. Nice job though. I like it.

Francis Cailles
great comp...the greens look too saturated for my taste, though..but that's just me :-) great picture, though.

Wilson Tsoi
...I dialed down color sat a bit... Thanks Jen and Fran. I dialed down color saturation a tad.

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