Moose-Kitten Kiss

by Adams Tracy

moose kitten kiss seeking critique adams tracy

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Published: Wednesday 28th of January 2004 01:43:32 PM


Richard Bratton
Very amusing picture. Is this the norm up there or just a freaky happenstance? Whatever, it is a very intriguing commentary on the animal kingdom. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos

Stanley Ambo
That is an incredible picture talk about being in the right place at the right time. Nice Job

Michael Nigro

Marc Poljak
great image. I had an encounter with a large bull moose 2 years ago, but it was a lot less friendly

Regina Chayer
Sooooo important to have ones camera ready at all times. Great capture!

Jeremy Smith don't see this every day.

Max Haynes
Wild! That either animal would do this is quite surprising to me.

Eric Fredine
What a bizzare moment to have captured. Lot's of fun.

Tracy Adams
Moose-Kitten Kiss Would love to hear comments.

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