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by Peri John

ari nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Saturday 24th of January 2004 06:59:13 PM


Thomas Collins
John, either that is a comment about how relaxed you make your models, or that you simply bore them to sleep. ;-)

Thomas Collins
Lovely. The pose, the lighting, and the mood that you have conveyed here are classic "Peri". My compliments to the photographer! And should your models review, my compliments to all these beautiful models that have chosen to work with you.

Elliott Shannonhouse
An awesome photo Ok, John, to be honest, your lofty rap on photographing women and being their friends and trust and all that, well, I'm not sure I buy all that:-))))) But needless to say I find your portraits at turns amaing, sexy, and hilarious too. the thread of humor that runs through some of the work is special. Also, the cubist hips in this photo are what make it different. Do you know any girls that are contortionists? You could have a field day with that and freak out the aesthetes at the same time! Really, there's nothing like a good pan from a critic on the basis that yer photo doesn't look like all the other nudes that have gone before. Like that should be our mission...copy the "masters". Thirds damn you, it has to be in thirds!! Actually this pic is pretty solid on the thirds thing, especially since the thirds are diagonal AND vertical. Anyway, i'm a big fan of your black and white work especially. WHat have you not done with nudes. How about nudes in public places?

too many conflicting sharp lines around her pelvic region i think john. lacks fluidity...

John Peri
Hy Elliot. Thanks for the comments and your frequent support. Ha, do I sense however a little dig there concerning the lofty rap as you call it?!! Frankly, I think that frienship and trust are the most important ingredients and probably the most difficult part to achieve, but if you have a formula that you think could work better, please let me know! Anyone could take this photo in fact, the challenge for me has always been to get them to accept to pose. Best wishes Elliot, John

John Peri
Well, you know, she was snoozing ..... !

Elliott Shannonhouse
By the way I just cannot understand why your pictures have have such high viewing numbers....(LOL!)

Jeff Fiore
I like the lighting and the pose seems very relaxed. I don't mind the hip angle - I think it works with this cropping and it keeps her head in the upper left third so you're covered as far as traditional portrature is concerned - if you follow rules.

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