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by Peri John

published full page in photo magazine johnperi nude glamour fashion portrait artistic peri john

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Published: Saturday 24th of January 2004 05:14:50 PM


Nicolas Daudin
Mag in the kitchen, it's like, it's like... i'm speechless...

David Barstow
SMILING You have done it again John. A beautiful model, a playful mind and creative talent combine to bring us a fun image. This image captures the playful spirit of both the model and the photographer. I thank you both!

David Smith
would've been better with only the center female image

Evgeni Rozenshtein
John, something is wrong with your kitchen: somedays it have a right tilt, somedays - a left... You better check the basement right now! Although I can understand why you don't have a time to care about it... :))) Needless to say that the cook is absolutely delicious, as is the dish itself. :)))

Liv Edgeworth
Hope it makes you smile

oh yes ... it makes me lol ... seems there are so many (semi) naked women in your kitchen these days ... hope some of them can cook!! or does that really matter shot john, a nice diversion!

i see you provide the same attire (shoes and apron) each time. i guess "they" supplied the cheeky caps!

John Peri
Well, I'm afraid I only have one kitchen, but I changed the cook this time !

John Peri
Thanks everyone. Glad this amused you, it was its major purpose.

Detlef Klahm
I am not sure how much more fun you can bring into a picture...but this is too cool.

Detlef Klahm
congrats to you John! and Best wishes for 2005!

John Peri
Ha ... this has just been published full page in PHOTO. I wonder what Bailey S. (Z-Z) would have to say about that!

John Peri
Thanks Detlef. Same to you too.

John Peri
Thanks Lionel.

Lionel Dupre
I just saw your publication in Photo ... I thought I knew this shot already ... Congratulations John !

Paul de Vries
Congrats with you full page in Photo! I see that I am not first one to notice though...

John Peri
Thank you Paul. The only problem is that they enlarged it in order to make it fit on one page, and it lost in definition. It's a shame they didn't ask me for a larger version.

Paul de Vries
I think the current enlargement is not that bad. Makes me wonder how the full large version looks like.

Alberto Conde
Full page in PHOTO! Congratulations John. I was in Paris yesterday, bought PHOTO and stumbled on your photograph. I felt proud and happy for you.

All my admiration for your work, mon ami

John Peri
Thanks Alberto, but you should have called me. Write to me if you are still in Paris and I will give you my phone number ...

John Peri
Many thanks Dow.

Detlef Klahm
Congratulation John!!!

Dow Morris
Yes, I too was surprised and happy for you to see your photo here in Photo magazine. Congrats!!! Dow

Raymond Elstad
John, I've come back to this image many times and enjoy it as much or more each time. Cheers, Raymond

Paul Casagrande

Piace molto una cucina cosi ricca,chissa la colazione all mattino,come sara gratificante,complimenti :-))paul

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