by Olsen Eskil

untitled seeking critique olsen eskil

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Category: Nature

Published: Saturday 24th of January 2004 01:38:04 AM


John Barclay
Not quite... I love the idea but do find the left out of focus iceicle bothersome. I love selective focus stuff in general but this one just does not work for me.

Kim Slonaker
The complimentary colors and soft lighting make this work well. Nice composition.

Jenny Catron
Perfect. Great color, focus, composition, and overall appeal. Really nice work.

Eskil Olsen
ICE Thank you, it is ice in sunset. Eskil.

Reza Shadpay
7/7 :| (nothing to say)

Laiz Kuczynski
So pretty! Biliana

Eskil Olsen
ICE I would like to have your comments

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