Another Rainy Day

by Tsoi Wilson

another rainy day tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 24th of January 2004 12:20:39 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Jennifer and Shawn for your valuable feedback.

Henri Manguy
I love it very much, and I prefer this one to the monochrome version.

Shawn Kent
Wilson, this like all the images in your portfolio is beautiful keep up the good work.

Jenny Catron
I really like this. Im not sure but I think your horizon might be a tad off, could be a play on the eyes though because of the center line. Great job. Overall appeal is high.

Wilson Tsoi
"Sepia Version" Feedback... Comment from previously deleted "Sepia" version (Viewed 8925 times with 15 ratings, Aesthetics 5.07/7 Originality 5.20/7): I like the blue version better. -- Nathan Greenberg I like the coour one better. Not a fan of the sepia tone trend that seems to be on the rise now that it is an action in Photoshop. -- Shawn M. Kent I beg to differ!!! The monochrome colours add to the feeling of the shot! Well done!!!!! -- Jarryd Bekker The tree to the right! I like this.... but the tree to the right needs to be cropped out I think! -- David McCracken Thank you all that had commented. ^_^

Roman Foxman
Definetely Sepia Even without seeing the sepia version at first, I thought this photo was successful for its monocromatic qualities. The moment is very nicely captured. The color is great, but doesn't add enough: the essence is in b&w.

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