Rainy Night in an Alley

by Tsoi Wilson

rainy night in an alley tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 23rd of January 2004 01:22:45 PM


Nathan Wells
Great Shot Great exposure, night shots are always hard for me. Personally I like the wide angle, I think it gives some personality to the shot and makes it more interesting because we don't see things like that through our eye. I like it.

Carlos Ortez
Nice shot. Great colors, but the wide angle lens distorts the photo somewhat.

Bertrand d'Arbonneau
Great exposure and nice composition. I would be interested in knowing how you measured the light in this case, and from your measurment, how you derived aperture and speed. Thanks.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Bertand, I based my exposure from in-camera matrix meter, attached wide diffuser on slave, dialed it down to -1, trigger the speedlight with the on-camera flash, which was also dialed down to -1. I don't have separate meter, but only base on in-camera meter, educated guess, and 3-step bracketing (+ and - 1 stop) while rating the 400UC as 320. The buildings were actually almost all black originally as most shops were already closed.

Wilson Tsoi
...Mr. Taylor, I just posted a vertical version... I dug out and posted a vertical shot taken right after this horizontal version. What do you think?

Michael Taylor
wonderful location and lighting, but do you think it might be stronger with a tighter composition? I find that in your scene the brightly lit interior and window on the left is competing with the far off church, and the building on the right is lacking of any quality to make it important at all.

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks for the tip... Thanks for the tip, Michael. It definitely has its own merit as it really gives emphasis on the cathedral itself. However, my original idea was to make a viewer feels that he/she is right there in that alley and therefore tried to keep lots of the alley's surrounding. Thanks again for your alternative.

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