View from the Tower

by Tsoi Wilson

view from the tower tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 23rd of January 2004 12:50:50 PM


Austin Hill
This is absolutely wonderful composition and lighting. The inclusion of both portions of the tower and the city give the viewer some perspective of what they are looking at. Great work.

Wilson Tsoi
From deleted image of same vantage point. Comments Hello Wilson, This pic is nice on first view. Things that start to be distracting for me after a while, the falling lines of the 4 main subjects in this pic (the photographer, the highest building, the fence, the park). Imo the pic would have been much stronger if the photographer "line" had been somehow a bit more vertical. Maybe a little lower exposure position in combination with a 50mm lens. I'm not sure what it would give, it's just imagination that makes me think that would have given a better picresult. Anyway, I like this pic and maybe, since I'm watching the pic now for some minutes, it's just because of those little bit weird lines I like it. Best Geert -- Geert Vanden Wijngaert Thanks Geert... I am amazed at the responsiveness at this time of the day!!! I know what you mean in terms of the converging lines of the wide angle. I'm guilty of posting desperation! Should have been more selective! Thanks y'all! -- Wilson Tsoi Just a coincidence! A photo either appeals to someone or it doesn't. I have read the previous comments and maybe they are justified. Looking at this I would say it appeals to me. I like pictures of people taking pictures.... you can view my photographs for verification. I found it interesting that two similar photographs were posted at the same time. I like this! -- David McCracken Hi David, thanks for taking the time to share your insight. Indeed, the 2 images do have similar feel. May be the reason why we like to take picture of someone else taking picture is that it reminds us of ourselves. Also, including a person give the image some sense of scale and surrounding. Thanks again. -- Wilson Tsoi

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Wilson??? New stuff??? What are you making us wait for??

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