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by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 20th of January 2004 08:03:12 PM


Alberto Conde
I'm saddened at so many suplerfuous comments and so few regarding the image itself. John is doing a very interesting work which may help all of us if we have to take candid shots of friends of us. Whether they are clad or unclad is irrelevant or, perhaps, it is very relevant indeed!

I am getting it all wrong if I assume that shooting at them unclad makes it much more difficult? I may suggest to all those lewd-comment-makers above to just try shooting their respective wives (if they have) with no clothes on. Will they be willing? Will they be posing naturally? Wil they, etc, etc..

David DePasquale
Like i said, the tits saved you on this one. Try this shot again with a bikini top on, same pose, expression and model-then post it under a different name and see what happens. heheh. To shoot attractive women is one thing, to shoot them WELL and make the most of the possibilties available to you is a whole nother ball of wax. could be alot better imho

Gianfranco Vialli
John, I think you have a friend in high places to have all this women visiting you. A powerful friend of a friend goes a long way.....:)

A Monty
Do you get many comments from women!!!??? In regards to the former comment and shooting a woman square on - when you have a model with a figure like this you can shoot her from any angle!! Technically, I love it, love the expression, the red of her pants along with the red in her hair - balances it nicely. I like the little bit of foliage and the light is lovely and soft. To my mind the only thing I'd change is the building in the background - I'd clone it out but that is really nitpicking. I think you do a wonderful job of photographing women - I am sure you are the envy of most males on but I think you get to shoot these beautiful and sexy women because they know they will have a sexy, flattering outstanding portrait of themselves at the end of it.

David DePasquale
all i'm sayin folks, is in my opinion, it could have been alot better with the small changes that i outlined. I know pointers are hard to take, but why not try it?

Detlef Klahm
her gaze, her tease, this is what makes it sensual and sexy... wow you have a lot of men jealous here John... I think you get all the women to pose for you because you make them look and feel beautiful and sexy. another fine Job John!

John Peri
Sure they are Jeff ! A friend of a friend becomes a friend too.

Curt T.
uh. ..when can I come visit? :) chris

John Peri
Hasan, I would be happy to answer any question that you may have concerning the photo and how it was taken.

David DePasquale
2/2-imho She looks like she's caught off guard. It's generally not a good idea to shoot a woman head on, shoulders square to the camera-whether she is taking off her underwear or not. You almost achieved the standard triangle composition, but alas thumbs are entwined in her underwear instead of confidently resting on balcony rail, with her head tipped back slightly and to one side, with one shoulder lower and forward. could be better, though the tits might have saved you on this one. imho

Hasan Ghodrati
Friends!? The question is how do you get them all pose naked for you?!! Are they in that kind of entertainment business!?

John Peri
Sounds like a good picture. Now take it!

Curt T.
whoa- I think david's thinking a bit too much. Photography is like music, they are really NO rules. This is 2004, it has all been done, just put your touch on the already written song. You can not apply 2 thirds laws, and contrast rules, etc. to art. That is ridiculous. Sexy image, nice feel. There are a lot of guys taking bad pictures of beautiful women, this is not one of those. chris

Axel Cordes
Jeallous seams that some are becoming jealous... I don't want to comment on this. I just want to point out that I always say: Ah this is a new of JohnP - you have a kind of style, I can not grab it, but it is there. Like being a good cook - you should not smell each single herb, but the whole will not work without the herbs. RULES - if you know then you can break them... and maybe this is one of the herb JohnP is using - this images are far away from the standard barby-penthouse-images! May be a hint to the jealous people: Make some good images of your friends and suddenly alot more want to have good images of them self....

Andrew Z Smith
I am sure that you can enlight ouur eyes with an artistic lesbian love with your friend(s) :) I am wrestless with anticipation !

Joey tjosephy
it is just a woman looking at the camera with her top off

John Peri
I've had a tough day like many of us, maybe more so than the usual one! Anyway, I get home on a night like this and open up the site, hoping to be able to relax for a few moments. Sometimes, I am greeted with a pleasing remark like that of Alberto, Amanda or others (there are some exceptionally kind and generous people on this site), and others times I am faced with this gratuitous aggression whose origins I never understand. Of course we post our pictures in order to get comments and criticism when it is due, but why must some people make their remarks so personal and offensive about the author or the model, when neither of these bear any relation to the way in which a photo turns out? I am told that one should ignore it, and I do so as often as I can, but it is admittedly disheartening occasionally when one tries so hard to share one's pleasure with others and, instead, one encounters spite and pettiness. I chose this picture under which to say this because the remarks were relatively mild and so it is more or less impersonal. Other times, they are unattainable. Obviously, many of my photos attract attention because the models are attractive. Won't the picture of a beautiful child or a landscape do the same? But does the picture highlight the qualities of this scene or does it not, is that not what one should ask? I do not profess to be an expert at taking photographs. This is my hobby. Period. My only modest contribution, if any, is in getting these young ladies to share this part of their more private life with us. As Alberto so rightly points out, in order to do this, one must take pictures of a very candid nature. Almost none of these girls in fact would have accepted to pose for a photographer in a studio with lighting and instructions as to how to look or behave. If so, they would have already done so long ago. What I do is to photograph their independence. They do it out of friendship, curiosity and a wish to have a few pretty portraits of themselves. If people can appreciate these pictures in that light, they will enjoy them. If they search for the details they try so hard to include in their own creations, they will be disappointed. I am particularly grateful to the female viewers that give me their support on this site. Normally, you would expect them to be the most severe critics. Maybe they understand better the challenge that one faces when taking photos such as these.

Jeff Davidson
John, It is difficult to believe that these are all just friends of yours!!!! You travel in a special circle. Wonderful image. It has a daring quality to it. Your subject seems very self confident and is gazing rather pensively at you as you shoot this. Wha tis Mag 100? the 100th image of Maggie? where are the other 99?

John Peri
Axel, I don't know if it's jealousy as you say, or rather a kind of frustration that is felt by some people that don't get the attention that they think they deserve around their own pictures? It makes me wonder sometimes if the rating system is a good thing. Anywhow, it is a relatively rare, so don't worry about it. In this particular case, this fellow has done this before. I am not sure that he has the maturity to understand that he is insulting much more his fellow photographers that have rated this picture or made favourable comments, than he is me! In the meantime, please just ignore him or humour him like I did. His previous remarks and expletives were removed by the managers. If De Pasquale wants more attention, then he is going to have to produce the work that attracts it.

Jeff Fiore
John, I agree 100% - I think your work is wonderful and inspiring. I also think your philosophy is unique and it show in your photos. As I look at this photo, what I am drawn to (besides the physical) is the facial expression. The expression fits your photo philisophy, if she was a pro, her pose wold be different. Her defiant, slightly pensive expression says (to me) a confident "this is me"! Would you have achieved that expression if she was clothed? If I was just interested in the nudity, there are other photographers on that are technically better than you. What intersts me in your photos is that captured expression that reflects the inner strong, confident woman - that is what I see in your photos. I always look forward to new postings.

John Peri
Thank you Jeff. That is precisely what it is all about and I am flattered that you find some consistency in these images. The nudity is superfluous. What I love is the pride and self assertness of these young ladies and that is what I try very hard to catch.

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