Walking the Dog

by Tsoi Wilson

walking the dog tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 20th of January 2004 03:43:51 AM


Geert Vanden Wijngaert
Hello Wilson, This shot is better than the not PS'ed version because of the man and dog, but I really don't like the coloring in this one. Best Geert

Robert Brown
This is a very well executed, 19th century looking photograph. I like everything but the blurred/3D border. Nice toning and overall contrast.

Steph Borrell
This is really beautiful. Kapai

coucher desoleil
very nice. can i borrow this pic and post it on my weblog? it's at www.xanga.com/roseriver.

Wilson Tsoi
...Yes Rio as long as... Yes, as long as you 1.) state photographer credit (as "copyright") along with the photo, and 2.) only use it for personal (instead of commercial) purpose.

Ljupco Smokovski
i definitly prefer the picture without the frame.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Geert (and others) for your insight. I wish the man & his dog are always there myself! This image was actually unmanipulated (taken with in-camera sepia white balance.) I previously posted the same image with PS "feathered photo edge," but deleted it (therefore my message above may have confused may folks.) Again, appreciate all the feedback.

coucher desoleil
thanks very much! =)

John Seward
Wilson, If ever there was a picture meant for a postcard this is it. John

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