Penedo do Guincho

by Sousa Dias Nana

penedo do guincho kodak t max cokin orange pentax smc mm x g sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

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Published: Monday 19th of January 2004 02:28:27 AM


Richard van Hoesel
Terrific painterly light on this unusual rock formation. I wonder if tilting down ever so slightly to get a marginally more sand might have been worth a try too, but a great shot regardless.

John Welton
You've perfected the wide angle MF landscape look. Masterful, subtle, and so much detail!

John McLaine
It's always a delight to explore your folders. Here is a superb one I haven't noticed before! Beautifully balanced composition and excellent mastery of light. Thanks for sharing,

Very nice. Reminds me of a Carleton Watkins.

Chris Blaszczyk

Jeff Drew
Natural monument I love the details: the horizon melds into the approaching weather front in the distance; the water is soft and fluid - not edgy; then the rocks' details are defined clearly and the birds are a nice touch! I could stare at this and appreciate it for hours! Very nice and truly a fine work!

Chris Wick
Nice picture.. .. although I can't help seeing 2 horizons at different levels? I took a shot from a very similar position

daniele giampaoli
Very nice shoot, 7/6

John Golden
Great! I really like this shot, great detail, what kind of camera?

Sean Depuydt
This is what B&W is all about. Excellent image!! - Sean

Miguel Ramos
Linda Linda imagem Nana. Há µma rocha parecida em Sta Cruz, conheces?

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