Episode in a deep forest # 3

by Amelkovich Igor

episode in a deep forest nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 18th of January 2004 12:25:18 PM


8===D ~~~
Congrats on a fantastic portfolio, I especially like the studio shots with black backgrounds. I would be interested to see the same style of shots but with the model's face visible.

Joseph Chircop

Christopher Trader
I would not call it porn It's still very artistic, and there is no sex happening.

Geoffrey Swenson
Art? No! - Trash, Pornography? Yes! All is not because of the naked bodies, just very vulgar. Other than that, it is a banal nothing.

Sandeha Lynch

Alain Martinez
Your pictures are fantastic. The bodies on these models you photograph are amazing. But the detail and good lighting is even better. Do you pay these girls, or they just like to be photograhed?

marco prenninger
i like your attitude man, beuatiful pictures, beautiful girlfriends, in black and white, nice!

Igor Amelkovich
They are my girlfriends, and like to be photograhed.

Charles Hohenstein
Anyone who would describe this picture as pornographic has obviously never seen real pornography. The shot is very good at a technical level. I think I would like the posing better if we could see the face of the woman who is facing us.

John Clevenger
I like the fact that you do not show their faces. It adds mystery and keeps the focus on the human body. Good work..

Thomas Turk
Of course its porno to Joseph, as he must just have bin mumbo jumboing to his imaginary god, who told him so. Never mind that, I hear the very holy guys in that holy state, spend all their spare time in the whorehouse, cos god wont let them have any nooky with a condo on, and their wives dont want any more kids or VD...Yeah porno to some, photoraphy to others, good or bad or indifferent. This guys shots are very erotic. Is that not the MAIN purpose of nudes....I mean if it is not erotic, it must be a dud shot.. How dare Joseph open this clearly marked erotic section..And how dare he look at that disgusting naked body, while writing his critique..Guess Geoffrey was also mumbo jumboing to his imaginary god, and then, how dare he, also, open a page clearly marked etc etc etc..

Pamela Edwards
Very nice - erotic for sure, but not pornography. But would get many folk's motor running, mine included!

Glen Woodman
Porn? This photograph in my opinion does not depict porn. They are not engage in a sexual act. there are no faces involved. There is no in your face sexual private parts shown. The line is often blurred between porn and art. Always in the eyes of the viewer. I think this picture has good overall contrast and mystique. Of course that is one man's opinion.

Carly-Jane Glover
Hmmmm Again...off with the shoes please :]

Igor Amelkovich
Episode in a deep forest # 3 In Urals mountains.

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