Very Large Array

by Deichert Christian

very large array seeking critique deichert christian

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Published: Thursday 19th of April 2001 08:34:54 PM


Kit Patel
9,9 dramatic and serene at the same time... natural beauty and synthetic technology mesh well in this shot... I really like it.

Steve Tout - Seattle, Wa
Gorgeous! It has taken me awhile to get used to the idea of including something in the foreground when taking a picture of a beautiful sunset. Did you push E100VS ?

Eric Li
Nice photo Why don't you include all 27 dishes if u were taking photo for the VLA? But anyway, this is a nice photo.

Christian Deichert
Steven: Didn't push the E100VS, just bracketed like hell. Eric: I did take photos of all 27 dishes in the VLA. I have another in my portfolio here on that was shot down the axis of the array, but I think this sunset photo is much more powerful.

Christian Deichert
This scan is a little dark; I have yet to upload a more corrected copy that adds about 2/3 to 1 stop more exposure of the sky (keeps the silhouette though).

Joel Le Montagner
Interesting. a little too dark, perhaps ?

Christian Deichert
Sunset at the Very Large Array As seen in "Contact," a movie I didn't actually watch until after I visited the VLA.

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