Kane's Donuts - I had no intention of taking this photo until seconds before it was made. I...

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

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Published: Saturday 17th of January 2004 01:16:14 AM


John Falkenstine
Nice Great shot of the neon light; what can be seen of the store indicates a very old building, the lower store section trim appears to be late 1940's or early 1950's, stop again next time to get some inside shots, please.

Ken Williams ...
It's one of my favorite type of photos too J ....... boyhood memories of streets like this. Glad you blocked traffic and shared it - really.

Stefano Ricciardi
I do not understand the point of this picture.

Chickie Russo
Memories... I was a kid when Kane's first opened and I lived in the same block. I think that this picture captures the feelings of those who patronized this spot in the dreary early morning or late evening hours.

Mike Thomas
Memories Without the doughnut sign it looks just like a spot in Cicero Il. November 1954. Somethings trigger memories from long ago.

Lauren M. - North Shore, MA
Great shot J! As others said, even if you don't know Kane's personally, it is reminiscent of many quickly disappearing old shops. The poor folks who have only eaten dunkin and krispy cream (yuck!)

Mary Dineen
i used to eat there all the time. i never thought i'd see a picture of it here. i grew up in west lynn by the reservoir.

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Spurr of the moment shot A mix of fading daylight and artificial light, is one of my favorite types of photos. I used a Canon 50 MM 1.8 lens for this shot. Comments are welcome. I did up the saturation a bit before uploading.

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