Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Evgeni Rozenshtein
I like this one a lot! Kind of "forbidden fruit" feeling... Great expression!

Paul Marbs
I like it but would have cropped differently - more of a portrait crop - just IMO.

Jenny Catron
This is a really neat shot. Nice job.

John Peri
Thanks Paul I tried it, but the girl's head on the right became too dominating.

Rosa Schein

Harvey King
good shot... I also agree about comments regards to the frame. May be better without it. How did you do your lighting? let us know.

John Peri
Harvey, this one was natural lighting. They were by the entrance to the terrace.

John Peri
Now, I'm really flattered that with over a hundred thousand pictures on PN, and five months of membership, you only found this photo to rate or critic with this remarkably deep insight! Added a few years later .. how right I was .. it was one of those 3 minute memberships !

michael thompson
I don't believe this. the photo is two merged together, very poorly. how can you praise this!!

johnwat leo
i think now better, nice taken sir two cute sisters

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