by Sousa Dias Nana

untitled kodak t max cokin orange pentax smc mm x sousa dias nana

Gallery: Landscape & Seascape

Tags: kodak t-max 100 cokin orange pentax smc pentax 45mm 6x7

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Published: Thursday 15th of January 2004 08:34:11 PM


Claudio Orlando
Splendida stampa e composizione, molto brava

John Welton
The expansive look of the clouds and the near/far depth of field of the rocks and water work well in this composition. Only minor point is the very slight distortion of the horizon. Too bad the Pentax doesn't have rise/fall correction.

Jose Morales
Another great shot!!!!! but you knew that all read. Congratulations and thanks for the inspirations.

Adrian Maniutiu
splendid What a skyline, what a light...I'm at a loss for words. my regards,

Richard van Hoesel
I love the way you manage to keep finding new coastal landscapes with matching skies. Very nice indeed.

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