Crowd control

by Peri John

crowd control peri john

Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Sunday 4th of January 2004 12:21:37 PM


Kaur Lass
Truly original - and I like your point (about women in control). It explains your work.

About this one: I love the composition and extra points for capturing the calm "in control" and peaceful emotion. You suprise me, and I like that!

Philippe Rapoport
Vive la France! Nice shot.

Sarah Underhill
Great capture, it!

Thomas Collins
Beauty and brains! Excellent portrayal of a beautiful woman taking charge in society.

Neil D.
Good work.

Very nice to see a beautiful woman in this situation in your portfolio. I think she did not pose for you. Great use of DOF. Good contrast. On the left the blurred flics. She on the right side. I really like it! By the way: read your biography, very interesting!

Ken Thalheimer
My God, she's clothed! Seriously John, I like the stern, intense look captured in her expression. The angle of light cutting across her hat works well. Nice DOF also

John Peri
This is just a street photo Rita, but I love women that have character and intelligence and are not afraid to show it. You may consider this a paradox, but that is exactly what I try to capture and it is what my photography is all about. It is not because a girl is undressed that she is not also noble and proud. On the contrary, that is where I have found it shows the most.

John Peri
Hy Ken. You know, nudity is never an objective in itself. It is just a way to get these girls to reveal something different of themselves which they are not accustomed to showing normally. They understand this objective and take it as a challenge, which is why they accept to pose.

gregg johnson
This portrait rocks! You were in the right place at the right time and chance favors the prepared mind. Very sharp indeed. Everything is right about this shot. The light, the oof bg, the shadows, the way the image speaks, I love it. Thanks, man.

Alberto Conde
Quite different from your splendid usual work but as good as anything. Great portrait, John!

I'd appreciate your opinions on my latest portraits in B&W. Many thanks in advance if you have the time, my friend

Ufuk Ozkan
Mr Peri + nice girl + sun = unavoidable photo :=))

kristin morales
she definately stands out! I admire your portrayal of women in all circumstances.

John Peri
Thank you Kristin. It means a lot coming from a lady.

John Peri
Thank you Annie, glad you liked it.

Annie Ferderer
well done.... I like this portrait. Very good.... tells stories about her. best wishes annie

John Peri
Glad you like it Anna. In all my portfolios, I try to make the point that the women are in control. It's not because they are unclothed that they are passive, on the contrary, it is usually a sign of their self confidence.

Anna Czolpinski
this picture stands out! it's a very good one. great angle, light, expression, background. regards, anna.

Elisa Rodriguez
My Favorite You have a lot of photos on this site. This is my favorite.

Tammy V.
This is exceptional, John. Can't believe I hadn't noticed it in your portfolio before. You capture such intimacy with all of your lovely subjects.

Arnab Pratim Das
Hey I like it! A very well executed people/reportage photo

Sweid Sideris

"...officer, I declare myself guilty, arrest me... no mercy please..."


Oh god! How I lost it? I am blind my friend.

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