Ali 3

by Peri John

ali nude peri john

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Published: Friday 2nd of January 2004 03:30:08 PM


John Peri
Tom, I'm very lazy, you are right! But isn't yours a little too red .. maybe somewhere in between the two?

Philip Hartlieb
foggy and flat? i follow your work but do not usually comment as well...just wondering...any reason you made the colors so flat with very little contrast?...was the almost foggy feeling intentional?

Howard Dion
John: I follow your work but never comment. This time I will. This is a tasteful and delicate image.

Timo Hartikainen
Very nice..this is somehow different than your other work..I like especially the soft lighting here. The only thing I would consider to clone out, is the hair or something on her right arm.

John Peri
Timo, you only like it because the model is Finnish! But she's not hairy, I can assure you!

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John, your model does not seem very relaxed in this shot, sort of a half smile and the hand under the chin, a bit strange, I think there may be better shots in this session, am I wrong ? The light is good, natural and soft, so that is going for this. *R*

Jeff Henry
John Very soft feeling to this photo... Very tasteful!

Timo Hartikainen
Oh, I didn't know that she's Finnish :)

Peter Kervarec
Ali3 Hi John, I feel that there is too much uncomplimentary and conflicting colour and pattern in this shot and too many pillows. I would try this shot with a neutral unpatterned background and maybe in B & W. The directional lighting from behind has also highlighted her arm hairs. Peter Kervarec

John Peri
Thanks Peter, I agree. It was more of a candid shot than something posed. The hand under the chin troubles me a little too.

Tom Meyer
200ppi? How come? Here's my color balance of your image... t

Tom Meyer
John, this seems too easy, for you. You're best work is when you actually try. I know you pretend to do very little in your portraits, giving most credit to your subjects, but this photo disproves that. You didn't even bother to color correct it. I'll bet Clinton thinks he hates you because this image is too easy (cliche'd), on many levels. He's very young and cares alot for reasons he doesn't yet fully understand.

I haven't been on the critique forum lately, maybe I'll look at your page to see what else you've been up to. Best regards, as always... t

Alexander Rainchik
uma thurman? Somehow she looks like Uma Thurman... I think it will look better if you frame it without cutting her legs. Anyway - good work!

John Peri
Well, let me know if Uma feels like posing!

sogeri pilpoil
Hi John ! The model really seems to be a scandinavian, due to her posing ;-) I pushed down the yellow like overviewed, but I managed with the curves to enhance the softness which raises from that perfect body. Until I can put a picture here, you got the process. Just a point : the fingers on the left hand seem too dark, am I wrong ? So nice pic, as usual.. Thanks, John :-)

Ken Williams ...
lol ............ (-;

John Peri
I would say that the soft approach was intentional, but very little else.

Alberto Conde
With due respect to tom meyer I much prefer John's original version.

Ken Williams ...
uhhh ...... photo looks fine. I'm just here trying to swing an invitation to your next birthday party ...... !!!

Landrum Kelly
John, I think that you are right that something in between would work with regard to color, but I think that a very minor color correction is called for. This is beautiful work.

Daniel Vinklar
very nice and gentle picture. well done! (mother Nature, of course... :-)

John Peri
Ken, you are very welcome. I'll ask the girls to make you a big omellette.

Thomas Collins
Did someone mention an omlette? ;-) Now wait a second here - John, there is a beautiful woman in this picture to be rated. There is no time for silly talk about eggs. Gorgeous, wonderful lighting, relaxed atmoshpere and inviting (in a friendly way) pose. Okay, where are the eggs Ken? I have got to create the fried egg on a woman's back shot soon or it will drive me crazy! ;-)

John Peri
You see ... Thomas says a beautiful woman to be rated! That does it. I'm starting to photograph eggs too as from next week.

Hilary Allen
this really calls out to me because it looks like it was taken 30 years ago. Beautiful.

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