"Timelapse" self-portrait of me and New York City

by Walker Clay

timelapse self portrait of me and new york city seeking critique walker clay

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Published: Wednesday 31st of December 2003 07:47:49 AM


Michael Chang
This is wonderful, Clay, and as Bob said, a very poignant reminder. I'll return in 2020 to view the third shot.

Rick Aubin
This is super. For me, the haze in the top photo serves as a metaphor of your memory fading and time passing. Of course the ultimate would have been to use the FE2 in the 2003 shot.

Clay Walker
Andy, please take a closer look Both of these pictures were taken from the exact same spot, give or take a few inches, 16 years apart. They have obviously changed the benches over the years, changed the tiles on the ground, repainted the columns & chains and possibly even replaced the columns. I'm a little different too... so is NYC to say the least...

Andy Bolam
I like both of these photographs, but I don't feel that they quite work together, If they had been both of the same bench and taken on the same day with different people sitting on them It would then work for me. ratings for individual images

Bob Pictaker
You did a nice job recreating this shot Clay. I hope you had a little help with positioning on this, because I can imagine this being quite an ordeal to achieve on your own. You did a good job with the tones too. I only wish it was a clear day back in 1987. A very poignant reminder.

Julio Nazario
Hi Clay Interesting images. Still dealing with alienation. In many ways the top image is more complicated and distracts from the message. The bottom image is better composed and clearly speakes to the clarity of alienation. Good seeing your images. Julio

Andy K.
I always enjoyed your sensitivity, Clay. Well done.

Clay Walker
time lapse I took the top photo in 1987 when I lived in Hoboken and was 19 years old. The haze that is surrounding the city was caused by a forrest fire that was occuring around the North Carolina area, I believe. The smoke had made its way all the way to NYC and covered the city in a haze for several days. I finally made a trip back to Hoboken last weekend largely with the hopes of re-taking the same photo. I am now 35 years old. It is somewhat safe to say that nothing is the same in these two images...

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