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Published: Sunday 28th of December 2003 11:39:59 AM


John Peri
I guess you mean Anne Knes, she's very sweet. And she takes some great pictures too. Take a look at her portfolio

Gianfranco Evangelista
Nice Girl

John Peri
Hy Lannie, long time no see! Hope you have been well. Incidentally, I never thought it was easy to do studio work. Others do such an admirable job, but and I am sure I would be hopeless at it having to cope with the lights and all that, not to mention a model sitting still (how do I then get her to smile!!). As you know, I have always prefered to catch people in their natural settings, even if I am incapable of holding the camera straight after all these years, like in the photo above! Have a wonderful New Year's party Lannie and all the others also.

Ufuk Ozkan
Birthday This is the picture of happiness. I wish a wealthy, healty new year for you.

niker salutski
amazing wake up everyone!this is the most beautiful thing i`ve seen for ages!

Thomas Collins
John, your photos always make me smile. Your right about the difference between studio and natural settings - each has its place. I work with a number of young girls, some wanting to pose sexy and some wanting to just have innocent fun. I certainly can relate. Two thumbs up!

John Peri
As I said further up, I captured her smile, but that's all. I did not display the magic that is felt in her presence ... did you see how she looks at you!

Erin Boyd
excellent candid potrait, good rapport with your subject, good exposure.

John Peri
Timo, it's relatively easy to change the background, but then you just end up with a "studio" shot.

John Peri
John, I don't think that the purpose here is to make an 18 year old look sexy. Furthermore, women of any age can also be beautiful, charming, interesting, fascinating, intriguing (always!) and still many things more which can be captured in a photo .....

A Monty
What a lovely portrait I feel like she is about to give me some cheek! Very lovely natural shot, you really seem to have captured this girl's personality. Like the curve she makes too. Nice subdued tones bring out her hair.

Timo Hartikainen
What a beautiful expression/smile..I like this, even though the background is a little bit busy for my taste. But you would lose these great expressions, if you started to create perfect backgrounds while shooting, I think.

john stack
Great face but you need to bring out the "sexy" in her. This is way to predictable for her.

Nicola Fankhauser
nice model and nice shot. maybe to tightly cropped.

Michael Castellano
Best smile I've seen in weeks. I would agree that the only real negative on this one is the background. However, one thing I would like to see you try is to coach some more detail out of the eyes. Subtle adjustments in brightness and contrast can work wonders with eyes and catchlights, as long as you select carefully and don't overdo it.

Landrum Kelly
Ah, yes, John, you show so well and so easily that you could do routine studio photography at the drop of a hat. That you for going so far beyond that style with your more natural settings.

anne knes
a song for you. good year and beautiful your pictures You are no longer by my side, my heart. I have only solitude in my soul and if I can see you no more because God made me love you to make me suffer more... You have always been the reason for my existence my religion was adoring you and in your kisses I used to find the heat that brought me love and passiĆ³n. It is a love story that has no equal It made me understand all the good and all the bad It lit my life and quenched it later. Oh how dark this life is, my heart I can not live without your love.

James Shrenk
More to the point... More to the point, it's not even really necessary to bring out the sexy in an 18 year old. I agree there is a certain natural charm that comes through the photo, and I think some of her sex appeal still comes through superimposed over the innocence that the young enjoy. Great photo overall.

JF Ochoa
Hi, John... I like this portrait! Happy New Year!!!

JF Ochoa
Thanks a lot... John.

Steve Ward
sw I know this one's been here a while, but the comments about missing her essence seem to be even better address in the photo called tt1. I mostly take pictures of family memebers, and it can take a hundred photos to get one "good" one. Iv'e never seen any one so good at this part of the art as yourself. oh, and I think this is one of your most photogenic models too

John Peri
Glamour Portrait I suppose you can capture the smile of a pretty girl but not the magic of her presence ....

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