Mag C1

by Peri John

mag c nude peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 1

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Published: Friday 26th of December 2003 04:50:09 PM


Yuri Bonder
Excellent , like the composition and b&w color tint .

Alexander Rainchik
I like facial expression and pose too.

Rob Mitchell
The leopard print does a fine job of accentuating the skin tone.

Thomas Moraitis
To me, she doesn't look quiet at all. The photo has a strange intensity I cannot explain. What I don't like, though, is the cropping of the left foot.

sogeri pilpoil
The tones give life to the subject. Very good inspiration. This model can be looked at ever and ever, because there a different atmosphere in each of your photos. Thanks, John :-)

A Monty
Great BW work the skin tones are spot on. I like the leopard print as it brings out the creamy skin tones. A very intense looking lady - good expression, don't like the chopped foot though.

Timo Hartikainen
I would maybe try to "paint" black all the background around the chair.

Curt T.
simply incredible model.

marco prenninger
...another great one i also do love this dotted piece of fabrique, beautiful. and the skin tones are just great. ?but u know what i prefer the relaxed look, and the relaxed atmosphere in a pic...i mean this one is great, and there is actually nothing bad to say about this one, but its set up..... what light did u use? regular soft box?

Evgeniy Shaman
like her face much...

Umapathy C
Classic, it remind me some great masters painting.

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