Dangerous games # 3.

by Amelkovich Igor

dangerous games nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Friday 26th of December 2003 03:19:36 AM


Mark Bodine
I pretty rough alternative to the bikini wax! I love the muscular physic with the raw metal of the tin snips. Another great image.

Ben Goossens
... and great again.

Hans Koot
Heavily armoured

Julius Bergh
Try to enter here... ... and you will be snipped! Growl! Grrrrr....

Anthony Weir
Technically, a very good job. There is something about implied violence that repulses me, especially when it involves women. Not to be overly sensitive, but sharp objects near female genitalia don't impress me. It mars one of the most beautiful objects in nature, the female body.

Massimo Innocenti
another wonderful shoot

Fergus Kane
Like Anthony, I also find this photo difficult, but that's the point (I think). Implied violence? Perhaps, but this photo is a strong photo that makes you think and what is more important than that?

jean Llavale
i wish i was the tool

Petre Petrov
Igor, this is your best shot. I can say this after carefully reviewing your entire portfolio. As usual, lighting and plasticity are just perfect. But here you have also incorporated in a stunning way an element external to the human body. I am sure Freud would have liked to have this image as an illustration of his work on female sexuality.

J. A. Jackson
Don't mind the prudes I love your work! If people viewing your photos can't get past their own inhibitons they should not view nude photos!!!! Keep up the good work.

Igor Amelkovich
Dangerous games # 3. One more DANGER.

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