Joe 1

by Peri John

joe nude peri john

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Published: Thursday 25th of December 2003 03:50:12 PM


john winters
i don't know a bout your photographic skills(i'm not saying they're bad or anything), but your choice of a model is perfect.

Alexander Rainchik
How do you scan them? Can I ask you, how do you scan your photos? Do you use film scanner?

Taras Shatko
Awesome!!!!! This is excellent image.

David McCracken
Is Critique needed! Again you have achieved success in your photographic quest. Again you have entertained us with the result!

John Peri
Alexander, I use an Epson 2400 paper photo scanner, so I do lose a bit of definition in the process.

Robert Goldstein
Perfect lighting, great tonality, beautiful model, but still, somehow, not very interesting. Perhaps it's the chair or the expression on her face (What is she smiling at off to the side?), but something just does not seem right to me.

Alexander Rainchik
But do you scan photographs, or negatives?

John Peri
Thanks Tom, but actually she picked me! She's a friend of another model whose photos she saw and she rang me up and asked if I would photograp her!

Tom H
man!!! You do pick 'm. Nice model, good lighting, excellent tones and well let's be honest she radiates

John Peri
Fair enough Bailey!

John Peri
How about taking a look at the foreground!

william wilczewski
Grrr! Very beautiful!!

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