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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Sunday 21st of December 2003 06:55:50 PM


Alton Earle
John, I like this shot :-). Your advice on getting models probably works well where you are, but trying to get Chinese women to pose is like pulling teeth sometimes. I'm about to the point where * I* may break down and hire a model if the "...give me 5 shots to convince you that you are not too plain and not too unattractive for a shoot..." doesn't work. I often use you as an example of someone who shoots women in the most flattering way...IF there is a physical "flaw" in your models it definitely don't come out in your work. Great stuff :-).

Erol Ata - NYC, NJ
John I think you have some awsome shots. How do you find these girls. I wanna do a series of location shoots but I don't have the model power to do it. Do you pay for models or do they work in trade? Any help would be great. Erol

John Peri
Erol, no, there are no professional models. Everyone crosses paths with some pretty girls at some time or other. I think it's just a question of learning how to seize the moment. And then there is their girlfriends ..... don't JoAnne and Marianne have any?

John Peri
Yes, they are all friends, and friends of friends ...... and as you can see, we spend a lot of time laughing together!

Erol Ata - NYC, NJ
Girls Well i'm actually going to shoot JoAnn again but You seem to have a bunch of different women. Is it mostly friends of friends?

Alton Earle
Hey John, this shot still makes me smile every time I see it :-).

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