B/W Downlight - Reclining Nude

by Powers Amy

bw downlight reclining nude powers amy

Gallery: Self Portrait Nudes

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Published: Tuesday 10th of April 2001 08:43:02 AM


mehdi K
outstanding! i 'd like to see what you can do with a model.

Paul Ashton
It gets better. . . Amy, this is really getting most embarassing. All that you are able to do with a Coolpix 950 and the 10 seconds it takes to get into position! I think this may be your best effort to date. The contrasts of light and dark are very effective. I really believe that your contributions to photo.net are not only to a high standard but they push the envelope in consistency of effort and results. Keep pushing!

Vahid Naziri
This is a great shot. It has all the right elements; composition, contrast, and subject.

Ira Crummey
I have seen this combination of pose and lighting before but you do it so well, I think your model is underpaid (it still amazes me that these are self portraits). Good work.

Ole-Kristian Bjerkeli
I'm impressed. You are on both sides of the camera and you excells in skill, beauty and creativity. Great work, thank you for sharing your work with us.

Alan Hancock
I like this series. The single spot is an effective tool which adds drama and also partially clothes the model in shadow. The only thing I would do differently with this photo is to darken the floor a bit.

Armin Seeholzer
Very nice Hi Amy Wonderfull woman in very nice posing only the light could be a bit better, but I know its very tricky in selfshooting.

Chad Brown
Stunning beauty and work To harp on the lighting misses the fact that the pose and beauty of the individual make this a fantastic photo. I appreciate the exposure and wish I could duplicate such studio work. Thanks for the incredible work and sharing it in such a fashion where we can all get better from it.

William Croninger
Excellent Amy, great image..lighting, exposure and pose. You certainly set the bar for many of us who want to create powerful nudes. Best of luck and looking forward to seeing more of your work.

F Art
Helping hand: Amy, do you want any assistants? Like someone to hold that light? Dang, I'll work for scraps. . . .

Bruce Jones
good accomplishment Speaking as an artist/photographer who has tried the camera self-portrait route and know it's challenges, you seem to excell at the kind of frustrating effort it is. And with a spot light to boot! It is hard to pre-judge exactly the right pose, angle, light placement, etc, all in one's head while trying for position in the few allotted seconds. I found some ways around this with other equipment but it's no less a challenge. Congratulations on an outstanding outcome. You should have no trouble selling this kind of quality, especially with such an attractive model.

Wayne Young
Absolutely amazing !! I have looked through all your folders, and your work is consistently exceptional. The self portraits are something else though!! I don't know how you do it. It's bad enough trying to position a model and get the lighting right when you can *SEE* them in front of you, let alone to do that in your head and then position yourself exactly right! Please tell me that for each image we see, there is a whole roll of duds ;-) And you are damn lucky to have such a beautiful model permanently at your disposal any time you feel like taking some pictures. Keep up the good woek!

Warren Taylor
Nice work I love the lighting. It is great how you can get into postion in such a hurry and have a wonderful image to show for all your hard work. You are a beautiful model and great photographer.

Jeffrey Langlois
there isn't much I can say, simply breathtaking. As a photographer I am ashamed to be distracted by your beauty over the excellence of this photograph.

Alex B.
This whole folder is very original. The composition of all photos is just incredible. It's hard for many of us to achieve that while we behind camera, you managed to do that while being in front! If you could share your technic of self portraite with us-that would be great! Of course, very few of us would look as stunning in front of camera as you.

Larry Magnes
My Favorite. All your shots are well thought out and project great energy. I like this one the best because I love the way you've sculpted your figure with the light.

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