Glittering Tower

by Tsoi Wilson

glittering tower tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 18th of December 2003 03:50:35 AM


JF Ochoa
Impressive!!! And very well done. Congrats.

Curiosity Factor
This is way better than mine. Not a similar shot, but the same subject in the night! I get more motivation now to do better ! Cheers !

Mark Roybal candy..

christmas I LOVE THE ANGLE.

Stephen H
It doesn't show the whole tower, and that separates it from 90% of the other shots- so it's closer to a abstract- I think it would be great poster-sized on a wall.

Jesper de Jong
It's hard to make an original, interesting photo of a subject that has been photographed millions of times before, but you did it!

Rick Aubin
Nice, fresh approach to a much-photographed landmark. I especially like the offcenter treatment that allows the clouds some room.

Kevin Krumwiede
Original or not, it's very well done. I would certainly be proud of it.

john paskey
Great angle and lighting/exposure/color.

Bill Cardwell
Superb angle and color, but the lightness in the sky on the right is distracting.

Justin Orr
great angle. looks like it should be on a post card

Gilbert Kuhnert
Great shot! I like the angle, it's really original. On some photos we have a similar look at things ;-)

Tom Miner
Nice Angle! That's something you don't see too often with the Eiffel Tower.

Lucy Hollis
Very fresh, dynamic composition. It feels to me like I'm being pulled into the tower and up to the heavens. I have to say I would prefer the photo with out the people in front, as the pull I feel by the tower in this photo is much more personal than that of watching two people enjoy the spectacle. This composition with the gold/blue colour would be my ideal. Thanks for this new perspective, Lucy.

Xiaoxiao Min
ive never seen ppl taking pix of this angle. eye opening:)

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