Heavenly bodies, number and figure.

by Amelkovich Igor

heavenly bodies number and figure nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 18th of December 2003 03:24:49 AM


Kris DroBan
Let's copy idea with different equipment and watch reaction, who first.

F. Y. Awle
I love flower pics

chris foster
To John Zito "Like warm apple pie"

Slowenien .
:/ cant find an pierc....save me

Emily Anne Mcleod
Isn't it obvious what it is, since it's in the nude and erotic folder? :) ...Anyways, the abstract form is quite appealing.

Jack Pittman

Erin Boyd
Nothing too artistic, just a box shot after all, about as appealing as a sharp well exposed studio pic of someones big toe!

Stephen Sullivan
Different equipment? No Gregory it wouldn't get the ratings as this photo has. But, so what? Who said that life is fair? This is a great photograph.

Ricardo G. Yesares
Not sure but I think I've seen something like this before

Jeff Wahaus
From where we came

Gregory A. Beaumont
eh its not real hard to get votes on images like this - this site is like 85 % men looking at images - dont ask me why, see for yourself, look in membership list. If it were different equipment hanging there would it get the same reaction?

Kris DroBan
I thought that I saw everything, I like the surrealistic approach.

Chris Womack
The "Pearly Gates"?

john zito - Maryland/DC
I don't get it... ...what is it?

Thomas Turk
Alien autopsy showed no petals, much neater box.. Of course in some stupid countries they hid the box shots..just in case some kids saw where they came from and to where they would soon be heading....But all the same, this is an erotic box shot, not too clinical, poised just ready etc etc etc.

Detlef Klahm
female form at its most luscious

Abe Simpsonn
Would you please stop calling it a box? Beautiful labia, great photograph.

Ross Thomson

Steve Bingham
Why? Because it's there? Shades of the Zerox butt shot.

Alton Earle
Jane, what a great comment. I have never been able to figure out why beauty can't be found in all body parts (and in answer to if the sexes were reversed and this were male, MY rating would depend on the composition of the shot). Porn? One of these days I'm going to start posting links to porn so that some of some people can start to figure out the difference. Aesthetically, I'm gonna give this a 5 (I like a lot of your shots better). Originality? Also a 6 (lighting is good, shadows are interesting, positioning in the upper left corner is interesting...but mostly, that you saw beauty and had the courage to shoot it, where as most people would chicken out).

Sarah Marie Jones
Beautiful tonal range, compelling composition and subject matter.

Jack Meehof

Fran Garcia
very good very good shoot I belived be alone for show one shoot similar theme...7/7

Neven Spirkoski
... still in one piece?? ;-)

David Noble
Looks like my ex wife!!!

ram nair
The hidden gate! Great work! -Ram

Patricia Oliveira
I'm a Lady and I'd love to see some male anatomy artistic photographs too!!! I'm not into women but I can definately appreciate a beautiful picture even if it is of a woman's vagina (there! At least someone said it's real name here!), although I loved some of your cute names for it...not the "box" one (what the heck?). To the artist; please, can you show something for the ladies too, pretty please?..

Antonio F
great vision 6/7

Igor Amelkovich
Heavenly bodies, number and figure. Sex and abstract.

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