Repair in underground club # 12

by Amelkovich Igor

repair in underground club carl zeiss planar mm f hasselblad cw chelyabinsk amelkovich igor

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Tags: carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 hasselblad 503 cw chelyabinsk 12 fomapan 100 underground nude repair club seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 17th of December 2003 03:14:02 AM


Thomas Collins
I think this is one of your better shots. Great exposure, concept and pose for the model. Well done!

Anthony D.
I don't get it.

Hugh Hill
Re: Repair in underground club # 12 Pull the chain and find out! On one the load goes to Willie Wonka's chocolate factory, While the other you deposit your load which eventually contributes to a shittier society. (Albeit, with a model like that more than happier to do so.) Cool concept put into practice Igor.(Ochin Horoshe photograpie) But what happens if you pull them together?

David Katz
naked women and busted toilets...excellent

Michael D'Amico
Once youÂ’ve seen on naked woman, you want to see the rest.

Igor Amelkovich
Repair in underground club # 12 One more.

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