"Wat Pho" Temple Ground

by Tsoi Wilson

wat pho temple ground tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 13th of December 2003 01:36:45 AM


Douglas Swinskey
nice thai folder, good job! i would have like to have been there as the sun was going down. BTW wheres the reclining buddah photos??? did the tuk-tuk drivers bother you continuously? we seem to have visited the same places in bangkok.

Jenny Catron
Nice work You did a great job balancing the lighting and exposure. I also think you did a good job with the angle that you presented, although its not a very unusual one.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Doug. I'm so glad to hear that you also visited this destination. Sure was great, wasn't it?! As for the Reclining Buhda, he would be in a temple building approximately 2-o'clock when you're looking at this photo. I figure enough PNers already took the photo of him, so I simply let it slide (actually, I got there way, way too late!) Bangkok to me is one of the most photogenic destinations on earth, but I only realize it when I no longer live there (that's too bad.)

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