by Peri John

untitled nude peri john

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Published: Friday 12th of December 2003 09:35:19 PM


Alexander Rainchik

Alton Earle
A very good shot, as are all of yours. The thing I noticed is my eye trying to follow the pink down below the frame...but that is very minor. I like the angle on the left foot that the shoe gives. As far as black shoes, they maybe accentuate the red toenails? Maybe I'm thinkin' too much :-).

Cory Hovland
i really wish she weren't wearing the black shoes. they seem a bit too distracting to me.

hans molenkamp
Keep it simple Only one remark: Bare feet, please. Could have been a great shot without the very wrong and distracting shoes.

Sarah Marie Jones
I like the pose very much John except I agree with others that the shoes just distract. I like your work very much. Best regards, Sarah

Ken Thalheimer
Hmm. Only one change. No shoes. Very good work John

Thomas Collins
Ah, lovely Nin(a?)... I love the pose. Very much at ease. I like the shoes. They contribute to the sexiness of the shot. Well done as usual!

Tammy V.
I adore this....beautiful pose.

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