Morning Contemplation

by Tsoi Wilson

morning contemplation tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 12th of December 2003 09:33:19 PM


Amar Khoday
Interesting image Wilson. So often you imagine a monk situated in the context of a shrine, stupa or any other religious/spiritual environment. The setting here seems to be that of a palace of some sort.

Amar Khoday
Amazing I look forward to visiting these places one day.

Wilson Tsoi
This in an interior of a Thai temple. Hi Amar, he is indeed within the actual temple building. Several temples in Bangkok retain their original Thai murals. They were usually painted around 18th century and on up. Earlier works can be found in the Ayuthaya and Sukhothai period (approx. 15th and 12th century correspondingly,) but quite rate for being that old. Thanks for commenting.

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