by Peri John

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Published: Friday 12th of December 2003 04:37:26 PM


Thomas Collins
John, you have an eye for beauty, old and young. And it's wonderful to see a woman with such self confidence.

Ken Thalheimer
A pleasant departure from the norm

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Yes I say Yes..... Well done, all of us over the "use by date" to most of the world, are now able to stand up and say aloud, "WELL DONE" *R*

John Peri
I shall be adding some pictures to my file on "the older model".

Curt T.
whoa the sexiest images I have seen on this site period. Bring on more!! ct

John Peri
Amazing, I never noticed it before. I must have pressed on the wrong button somewhere!

Rachael Jane
I like the photos of her very much. She's looks like a very powerful woman, not to mention beautiful. My only concern is that there looks like some black on her arm, I think it is left over from layering, but it looks like a bruise. Best Regards!

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