Tokyo Bay

by Galvani Eduardo

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Gallery: Panorama

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Category: Architecture

Published: Friday 12th of December 2003 04:17:27 PM


Laura E. Napolitano
Excellent panorama! Great colors! Definitely a pleasure to look at.

Eduardo Galvani
Tech info Thanks. I used a tripod, leveler and marked panorama slider for to make the units. The image was assembled manually in Photoshop. There was a 5% crop at the top and bottom due alignment. The original at 300 ppi is 4 meters long. 50mm2.5macro/8.0f/focus manual at infinite/100iso/raw Cheers, Galvani

Alan Chan
Lovely scene, it is difficult to appreciate it with a conventional screen ! Nice effect !

Dave K
Excellent Pano... Very Well Done!!!

TC Reed
Excellent day! Excellent color! Excellent activity and balance.

Anthony M
Doesnt exceed standards... Photo Format and Size "Photographs uploaded to, either to the Gallery or as an attachment to a forum post, should be JPEG images less than 100k in size and less than 800 pixels in the long dimension. Panoramic images may be wider than 800 pixels, but be aware that this will force many of your viewers to scroll." The size doesnt bother me since it is a panoramic! Good work. AJM

Trevor Hopkins
Not a bad effort, but there are vertical bands of uneven density visible at intervals in the sky, betraying the stitching. Shooting at dusk might produce a more enticing view of this scene, as well as easing the sky problem. It's worth checking out Bobby Douglas & Tony Dummett's panoramic efforts. Those carefully positioned seagulls look a bit suspicious, too...

calys calys
Eccezionale Immagino tu sia Italiano...fatto sta che la foto รจ meravigliosa!! Complimenti!!!

Kim P
photoshop it's quite easy to do such a thing in PS sorry

Jeff Davidson
Exceeds PN standards The rules say: 800 pixels max on the long side. Please remove, resize, and repost. Thanks!

Raul Drechsel
a great photo. I realy like very much

Jean-Philippe Allard
This is fabulous! I'd like to see a less compressed version though, lots of compression artifacts on it, looks bad.... WHat did you use to stitch them, togetehr? The only program I know that does this is photostitch, but I imagine you can do it with photoshop also... Did you use a tripod? Did you have to cut a lot on the upper and lower part of the image? More technical precisions woulld be appreciated!

Andrea Salini

Eduardo Galvani
Tokyo Bay Panorama Please see at larger size.

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