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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Wednesday 10th of December 2003 07:01:19 PM


Daniel Vinklar
she is a lizard! ... nicely done! I do mind though the dark thing on the right hand side, should be deleted. otherwise, pretty girl, nic pic. and as alwas, john being a bad boy... :-)

John Peri
Thank you Jonathan. I don't this at all seriously. I am just having fun and so are the models, and we laugh as much during the session, as we do before and after ..... Many thanks for the gracious comment. She is coming by on Sunday and she will enjoy it too.

roger michel
why is she wearing 2 pairs of knickers?? unless the black panties are a tatoo too.

Thomas Fredrickson
Wow! I just wish I was you! I like the tattoo!

Jon D
I don't know how you do it, but this picture and some of your others have a very stunning 3D quality to them that I really haven't seen before.

John Peri
Jon, what may contribute to that is the use of a 200 mm lens which is possibly unusual for portrait and modelling work.

William Cobb
nice pose What Lizard?

thomas breazeale
I agree,cannot seem to find that damn lizard anywhere!Nice work John but think the lampshade needs to be deleted.

Thomas Collins
Did someone mention lizards? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a colorful tatoo here or there, especially when it is attached to such a beautiful young model as this. John, this is yet another wonderful photo to add to your collection. A confident pose, wonderful skin tone, sexy, energetic and glamorous. The splash of red draws the eye from her piercing eyes, over her perfect breasts, across her slender hips and right to that eye-catching lizard tatoo. :-)

Jonathan Charles
Like your other work this is attractive, un-pretentious, technically excellent and fun. It is what real glamour photography should be, with your models obviously enjoying the process and taking an active part. Bravo. .. Jonathan

John Peri
First of all, thanks Jack, I take that as a compliment because that's truly what I'm after. You may find some contradiction in my reply. I feel I get this natural look because I use no props and don't prepare the session! I use a flash attached to the camera. and I only rarely get the girls to pose in any way. If the girls are natural, they will look natural. Basically, we put some music on, open a bottle of champagne, laugh a lot ... then some more ... and finally we take some pictures! And yes, I expose my film at regular speed and give it to be developed commercially.

jack lyric
john, i absolutely love the natural look of your photos. how the heck do you capture all with such a real feel? lighting? are you exposing you film at regular iso speed? thanks for your tips and thanks for the images. jack

Geoff Waite
Lizard?? I am the Lizard King!!

John Peri
Glamour Photo .... I told her about the controversy concerning the tattoo in a previous photo. So she chose this picture and insisted on the caption ... "so who objects to my lizard"?! I said that I never personalize a picture, but she insisted ... so the joke is on us this time!

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