Phantom in front of the window

by Ancel Fabrice

phantom in front of the window seeking critique ancel fabrice

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Published: Thursday 5th of April 2001 07:53:52 PM


J. Scott Schrader
It is a very cool shot! I would love to know details about the situation that it was taken in. ( was it created?) You did a great job!

M. V.
Very interesting,good job!

Mary Ball
Phantom Very creative.... I've always wanted to experiment with a pinhole.. On my list of things to do... Looks like you aimed the camera at the window and also captured the reflection of the sky...Extremely well thought out and original. Do you have more?

Fabrice Ancel
Technical details First of all, please excuse my english (i'm french). The Negative was made with B&W paper (an Ilford one). I used a plastic box designed for food conservation. The focal length is equivalent of a 17mm lens. The time exposure is about 2 minutes. A friend (the phantom) was in front of the window for about 1 minute. I have made many tries... The sky effect is due to the wind this day. Thanks for your critiques...

kevin kolosky
I second everyone elses comments. And I am sad. I like this photo so much I was going to ask how much for a print and now i see it was made on a paper neg. Although I don't care much for silohettes(sp), this one works. great shot. kevin

Frank Forgione
well done. i would have chosen a different caption, however. perhaps..."blue."

Robert Brown
I like pinhole cameras--this is a great shot!

Irmis Stiega
It works for my.Night,young female alone.Yes very good job!

Terry McCully
7/7 Wicked picture for a home made pinhole camera!!!

Erik Lauritzen
Phantom(?) Fabrice: All this photograph requires for it to be as engaging as it is, is to stay away from such "psychologically loaded titles" - If the viewer is at all open to interpretating and living with this photograph for more than a quick "Oh look how neat, lets see the next one" leaving out such a weighted title will accomplish the why you made the image in the first place. I am (as an "x" curator for 1/2 dozen galleries and non-profit WestCoast, USA photo groups) have seen so many great photographs that are diminished by a title that attempts to solve the photos purpose, which is what the viewer is required to do. Simply give your viewer a short and uncomplex title and let the viewer wrestle with their interpretations. In the long run they will come away from your photographs with a greater memory of what they just saw and also perhaps become a bit more visually educated. Suggestion for this: "Figure, ND" (not knowing the date I simply used ND or "No Date" which increases the "mystery (a cliche word sorry.) This as just an example. Now the viewer HAS TO commit involvement: with "Phantom", its a loaded word with too many interpretations of POP culture, previous cinematic references, etc. If this is your intent, then it may work, but I do not see it this way and I am one who likes to make up my own mind as to what a photograph is about or how and what it communicates.

Fabrice Ancel
Request for critique Please let me know what you think about that picture. TIA

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