Bangkok Golden Mount

by Tsoi Wilson

bangkok golden mount tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 9th of December 2003 01:48:27 AM


James Green
Nice contrast and well ballanced colours. I think the croping makes it interesting to look at.

Rick Aubin
Wilson, I really like the colors in this series--especially the dark blue sky.

Roberto Carli
Nice colors to see,but why did u cut the subject in front of picture?

Neil Lupin
great timing for ambient light - a must with these. These colours are over saturated for me - looks over digitised???

Wilson Tsoi
There was no saturation nor color adjustment here... Thank you for everyone's feedback. For the record, there is absolutely no saturation nor color adjustment on this image as it's already very saturated on the film scan (Kodak Portra UC.) I guess the level of color saturation is really up to each indvidual taste. Come to think of it, I suppose I can decrease the saturation in PS...but nah.

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