Flamingo II

by Tsoi Wilson

flamingo ii tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 9th of December 2003 01:24:17 AM


David Katz
Nice neck curve, and reflection - I love the waves coming from the feet

Greg S
Pretty Bird Hi Wilson, Nice photo! Your exposure is good... no overblown highlights (white birds are the most difficult). Good color, looks sharp, and the background is also good. The main improvement for this photo would be to give the bird some room (behind and in front). There can be a tendency sometimes to try to fill the entire frame with the subject, but that can leave a somewhat cramped feeling and limits opportunities for artistic cropping later. Still, it's a really nice photo and I am impressed that this is not a captive. Nice work! :) Greg

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Where do they get the colour "Pink Flamingo" from...hummm !Really a stern look on the beast, thank you for bringing this into my world !

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for everyone's feedback. Ruben, that's all the water I have for this image. I tried to frame it as close as possible, but next time I'll definitely consider the shadow and ripples as well. Thanks again.

_ Cálico - NY, NY
Feeling lazy, I was quite a distance away from the screen (lucky for me, I have a long cable for the mouse) and I first thought it was a nice painting... but I jumped up (gee, and I was so comfortable) and realized it was a photo! Hey, VERY nice! Perhaps you might've considered using the whole reflection of the bird on the water? That would've meant leaving some space on top, so it wouldn't look so crowded, but that's just my own personally feeling; perhaps I wouldn't have been able to get such a nice image and I do think you did a superb job. It's easy for me to say that since I don't know and can't imagine the conditions under which you took the image. As I said, VERY NICE. Hey, have you any more to show us?

simon meehan
Beautiful,I would(personally)take a little more off the bottom because the reflection is so nice it makes you want to see more. Maybe by focussing our attention on the bird it might not occurr to us.But keep those beautiful water ripples.Just an idea.Thnks.S.

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