Sunset over Chaopraya

by Tsoi Wilson

sunset over chaopraya tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 8th of December 2003 09:35:39 PM


Jim Swenson
Nice atomosphere.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you for all your feedback Thanks everyone for your valuable feedback, and surprisingly, the "cultural windows" that different individual shares. Different places and cultures are what we all experience when we travel (or live for a while.) I don't think that as a "complete package," one can objectively consider one region better than another, as they all have their pluses and minuses (different ways of doing things or dealing with issues.) One thing for sure, they ALL have tremendous photographic opportunities! Thanks again and keep on clickin'

Roberto Carli
I like these sunset colors,as well as very good composition.

Keshava Setlur
I'm not sure poverty constitutes lack of beauty or that money is a necessary or sufficient condition for beauty. Beauty is truly in the hearts of the people. I understand what you are talking about, though... poverty hurts. However, if you just try to connect to the 'people', I'm sure you'll find that the beauty is there - intact.

Kim Young-Jackson
Asia comment So, are you saying that there is nothing really beautiful about Asia?

Robert V
Asia looks so beautiful from pictures, unfortunatly reality is far from this. Well thanx god, we can take pictures and make world of our own.

Al Piry
Subtle lighting is very good.

Robert V
Nope, I am saying lot of people is poor, well from places where i been in Asia, but beside that they are generous and open.

Steve Marcus
very nice! Excellent job capturing a very beautiful scene!

Kristupa Saragih
Very good capture of Thai buildings and the sunset

Lauren McNeely
Beautiful! What a magical photo. Very beautiful place!!

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