Traffic at Grand Palace (Red)

by Tsoi Wilson

traffic at grand palace red tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 6th of December 2003 05:38:45 AM


Gearoid O'Sullivan
I like the shot. not the normal shot of the grand palace I'd say. The light trails are good and colourful, and I like the lighting on the palace itself. I'm just not sure these two types of shot go together 100%. I wonder if the viewpoint had been higher, so that you were looking down on the traffic, would that have been better? That way, the light trails would still provide the colour and interest in the foreground (in less space) and you would see more of the palace itself. Still it's easy to make suggestions afterwards. I liek the shot regardless. It definitely caught my eye.

Marty Allan
love still and motion in this image

this is a great shot love the motion blur of the traffic but the stillness of the temple 


can you tell me  the shutter speed, aperture and ISO you used as i cant seem to get the balance right 


i always get it either too dark or still images no blur please help me 


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