The end is near

by Malcolmson David

the end is near seeking critique malcolmson david

Gallery: Faces in the Crowd

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Street

Published: Friday 5th of December 2003 08:30:14 PM


Pogue Mahone
Looks to me as if you handled the expsosure very well. Looks as if the light, though diffused, was angled down to create a semi-backlit situation. Very nice range of tones and good detail on the faces. My only small (very small) quibble would be that lack of detail in the sky, but that's an almost negligible flaw. Compositionally, its wonderful. Was this Speakers Corner? I ask only because I was there a mere two weeks ago. Quite an apocalyptic little place!

David Malcolmson
The End is at Hand A tricky exposure on a day of threatening weather.Your comments will be welome.

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