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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 28th of November 2003 02:38:50 PM


John Peri
I don't think I should crop this one at the head. Maybe it's better to just lighten the shadow with PS? Actually, this particular shot is interesting when seen in "large" size. Like in the original, it has a kind of 3D effect.

Howard Dion
John You are the master but...if you fix her shadow in the background (right side) it will improve the presentation.

Marc Berthold
Hi John,
It's perfect ! :-D
I prefer this one, because it's more a more sweety shot.
Less provocative (provocatif ???) !
Kind regards,

David Montroy
Congrats John, simply beautiful. Excellent photo.

Tamara L.
Very nice

Detlef Klahm
I just love her expression!

miguel ángel merak
excelente foto

Timo Hartikainen
As usual, this is good stuff, John, but I would try to crop from top to the white area on the left, that also would remove most of the shadow on the right.

Kevin Briggs
This image is almost flawless. I like it even better than your previous of the same model. However, the shadow behind the model is indeed distracting. Very nice work nonetheless. (Once again, I really love the colors/hues.)

Adrian Maniutiu
soulful It is fascinating to see how you were able to freeze in this photo so much expressivity and so many meanings. I'm not bothered at all by the lightning or by the background shadow; quite the contrary.

Anyhow, I have to ask you one thing: Were you never attracted by the idea of trying B&W shots with this particular model?


Gianfranco Vialli
models I read your biography and it says you never used professional models but from what I see here if these arent professional then there are definately models on the verge of it. I am please that so many beautiful women are willing to pose for you, I guess in part because you are a good photographer capable of bringing out the best in them. From my limited experience most good looking women rarely turned down an offer to be photographed and would even feel more willing if you have a big lens (no pun intended)to do them justice.

Margaret S.
John, one of your better ones imho. I like the various shades of red and purple in her hair... the one hidden eye, one hidden breast. I felt like playing around with your image cropping a wee bit off the top and bottom and extending the white behind her. I like yours, but just felt like trying something different, hope you don't mind! :-)

John Peri
Margaret, that is certainly an interesting crop. Thank you.

Konrad Brzozowski
like i said (on other "photplace" :o) ) it is beauty photo and beauty women - great

John Peri
Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement. These are modelling or "glamour" pictures and not artistic works, thus I think they should be considered essentially in the category which they represent. If you find them charming, then I am satisfied for that is my only aim.

Daniel Vinklar
keep the original! a very nice and very attractive girl as the girl... well done!

Sarah Marie Jones
This is one of my favorite shots of yours. The color tones are wonderful, the pose and facial expression very nice. Best Regards, Sarah

Rado K. Great job. Really nice.

Adrian Maniutiu
This photograph is by far my favourite one and IMO the best in your regards,

John Peri
Thank you Alberto. I appreciate that.

Alberto Conde
One of your best, John. You trespass over the rules with a very original crop. Very sensual. Top work!

Hilary Allen
i have really liked this photograph for a long time, but just now am i commenting on it. Thanks John.

Stephane Robichaud
Because of the look and the pose, I feel this one can really be called a peace of art. One of your best if not the best IMHO.

John Peri
Like a cup of coffee maybe !

John Peri
Ok Michael! Regards, John

Jennifer Fernandez
Amazing_ i love this one. everything about this picture is beautiful. aamzing job!

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