Celebration of force.

by Amelkovich Igor

celebration of force nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Friday 28th of November 2003 02:04:45 PM


Krzysztof Ciborowski
Fantastic !!!

Detlef Klahm
very good perspective

Luca Baldassarre
Grain I like the nude action, but there's too much grain for my tastes and your precedent work, Igor.

Igor Laptev

Charles Corbett
Great composition

Derek Bumstead
Nice subject. Well composed. I am confused though as to what it is trying to say.

Rene Braun
Great photo I don't care what it is trying to say.

Sandeha Lynch
Just a slight niggle here ... holding the pick like that she's going to break her left wrist before she breaks any rocks.

Haim Toeg
Fantastic, a decadent twist to socialistic realism. I love it.

Lenny Kessler-Vaschetti
Good I like the idea and the picture ! Very nice !

Igor Amelkovich
Celebration of force. Somewhere in mountains.

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