by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 23rd of November 2003 07:54:34 PM


Geoff M
That's early Stone's right? I love that tune!! Great photograph. I hate critiqing these things.... what do I know, huh?? -But maybe a bit more light. Just that I think I would have liked this photograph a tad more if her eyes were lit up a little more.

Paul Di Lillo
John Just another "very good" portrait! Paul

Mary Watkins
"just another portrait", what a mean thing to say, not the least bit helpful to anyone. The lighting is good, the lines are good, I would have taken the little spot off her neck I think. But, she's a beauty.

Mary Watkins

John Peri
Mary, it's the singer not the song. She's beyond repproach.

John Peri
Portrait Just another portrait

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