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Published: Sunday 23rd of November 2003 05:05:52 PM


Axel Cordes
superia 200 Seeing "superia 200" this causes the question: Available light? Some reflectors? I'm currently trying to learn how to use the light, which light etc - so it would be fine if you could ive some expalanation about this setup. Thanks Axel

John Peri
Maybe the author should give his opinion too! Irrespective of the fact that all women are beautiful, and I have said this before, if you want to make a good tomato sauce, you need to start with good tomatos. What I do very largely is photograph "glamour", so I try, obviously, to choose an attractive young lady to do it with. Someone that does architectural photography tends to select subjects that flatter his perception of his art. I try to do the same. The question is whether or not a photo succeeds in it's category. Beyond that though, I really am interested in capturing spontaneity and truth. To answer Vivian above, I don't find her gaze to be cold nor do I find the picture particularly sexy. I see it as being self-confident, proud and defiant, hence beautiful and, to me, that corresponds to the personality that I tried to capture, but it is not possible for me to be as objective as another viewer.

Geoff M
Wow! I wish my girlfriend would let me be more "close" to women who have modelled for me.

C. Conway
I agree with Pedro; the posing, expression, color, background, etc on this really work for me.

Leica Virgin
Barry, a valid suggestion, although, as John shoots his friends and those models then like to read the comments given, I think that the term "uglier" is not really helpful - what do you think? I myself would be happy to see all sorts of models used in these photos: beautiful and not-so-beautiful,* young and old, self-confident and shy - that is, if John can get them (John, I know that you have shot older women, so my comment is not meant to criticize you at all!).

* Beauty is in the mind of the viewer: therefore, these terms are relative to the particular viewer, and one person's 'beautiful' is another's 'not-so-beautiful'!

Geraint Smith
I'm in love!

Barry Thompson
Leica, good point. (I've used the first word of your name since it embodies a more durable and longlasting status than the second.) In no way do I believe that the work ugly applies to this model. Quite the opposite. I should have, as you point out, said 'less beautiful'. But I intended, really, someone not beautiful at all. Within the context of beauty being in the mind of the viewer and relative to the particular viewer, I really mean someone who would conventionally be considered a downright hound.

Vivian Kumana
first of all, i'd like to point out that only men have been commenting on this photograph and are probably the only ones rating it. then i want to know more about this girl. what is the purpose of her being naked? why is she cold? she isn't contextualized, so all this information is lost. why is the top of her head cut off? the lighting is soft as well as the overall color scheme but the bright red highlights break all this up. she is leaning forward as if to peer back at the viewer, but her facial expression is blank if not only slightly and passively inquisitive. these contrasts confuse me. or is the purpose of this photograph for her just to look sexy? if so, wheres the line between this and porn? this work needs more context and more directive purpose.

lovely shot!

Dimitar Botchev
Magical impression! Wonderful work!

Dougity B
Don't hold your breath on that score, Barry. Since when do men think with their brains? You think they are pressing the 6's and 7's with their fingers?

Grant Myers
Your work is that of a museum piece that titillates, always something here for both heads.Inspiring and breathtaking. Far and away from the golden buttocks of Playboy and the seedy hair balls of Penthouse. Where can I see your work in print?

John Peri
.. by being close to the model I think, though it was a long focal lens.

Kevin Briggs
It's the tonality that really works for me as far as this particular photo is concerned. I love the coloring running throughout, the overall tone. Nice work!

Joao Leitao
greetings from portugal nice way the hair falls and rool inside. same colour of nipples and hair is great.

Mark Overland
John, always amazed with the strength of composition. simplistic and very effective. i assume the aperture is wide open...how are you keeping the entire model in focus?

marco prenninger
beautiful shot man, beautiful model.....just beautiful!

JF Ochoa
Beautiful (as usual :-)

Leica Virgin
Ahh, John! This is much better (regarding my comment on focussing on your other shot). Here, the focus seems spot on! And I like the composition as well - I really like the way her hair hangs around her face. I normally prefer not to crop bits and pieces like (in this case) the top of the head, and the arms, but in this photo these things don't disturb me at all. I think it is very good (and I think that there are many guys around who envy your never-ending supply of beautiful models: having a never-ending supply of models allows one to perfect one's technique, and it is this, I think, that they would be envious about...)!

John Peri
Axel, I have a flash attached to the camera which I bounce off an adjoining wall. Othwise, just the usual lamps which are placed around an apartment.

W J Gibson
beautiful light captured falling on a lovely woman

Stefan Rohner

David Katz
Hair I like how the hair of the woman covers her left eye. Also, the color of her hair is great

Barry Thompson
I wonder to what extent this photograph derives its high level of appreciation from the inherent beauty of the model rather than an achievement of the photographer. We all like a nice set of lugs. An interesting assignment: try re-shooting it with an uglier model. Will we all express the same appreciation?

Earl Hubbard
Beautiful! The model and the shot! How can you go wrong with a subject like that? Even slightly out of focus she would be a striking beauty! Thanks. Earl.

Detlef Klahm
I love this model...great expression and a bit of a wild streak captured so well

Florin Cojoc
beautiful model,she's got attitude as well

Raymond Elstad

Love the direct gaze and the simplicty of the pose. Nicely Done!


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