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by Peri John

sec nude peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Saturday 22nd of November 2003 11:04:30 PM


Robert Goldstein
The pose is slightly ridiculous.

Jeff Davidson
I can spot a Peri a mile away And that is a good thing... your work is miles above the rest. Another one of your typical, excellent images. I like the contrast. The dark background works in contrast to the wood flooring. Excellent sofa. Nice and cushy. My wife is looking over my shoulder... gotta run!!!!!

David McCracken
Not your best! The shot itself is well enough taken. However if I had only seen this photograph and none of your others I would have thought you didn't know what you were doing. (I don't mean that to sound offensive!) It is clear from your other work that you have purpose in what you do, but I really can't see the point to this shot. Please feel free to rate / comment on / critique any of my photos.

John Peri
Thanks David, I appreciate your candid statement. However, there are photos that one takes with a set artistic purpose in mind and others, as annoiunced in the caption to this picture, that are "just another glamour shot". So why post it here then? Good question! Frankly, she was bored by some of what I consider possibly to be the more interesting shots, whereas this, and others in this series, she found to be flattering. Photographing "glamour" after all is basically keeping that objective in mind.

Linda Volmich
Perfect production, nothing to discuss about that...brilliant lighting, sharp and clear colours. I just donĀ“t like the pose so much.

Darby Byrd
Like a wild cat full of arrogance and confidence which in irony holds the pillow made of the hide of such a cat. Bet she scratches too, nice.

nick kessler
very kick @$$ thanks for showing us.

Robert Goldstein
Daniela, What's your problem? My critique is short and to the point. The pose alone renders this photo subpar for John. I don't believe that I have to write an essay covering every aspect of the photo to make my opinion clear. If I had merely said "great job," you probably would not have objected.

JF Ochoa
Wow This is great, John. Very good shot with nice pose. (Thanks a lot for your kind words, i really appreciate it!!!)

JF Ochoa

John Peri
Thanks Giles! You know something, the model really liked this one, so my major purpose was fulfilled!

Gregory Tyson
shit, i'll go against the grain on this one, I like the shot. Yea it could have been done differently but i like the whole horizontal feel to it. she's spread out and the couch is a rectangle of light against the black. I can't say why i like the shot, i try not to analyze my opinions to much.

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