One day in paradise # 5

by Amelkovich Igor

one day in paradise nude fuji fujichrome provia f carl ze amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: nude paradise day fuji fujichrome provia 100f carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 hasselblad 503 cw chelyabinsk seeking critique

Category: Underwater

Published: Saturday 22nd of November 2003 03:55:04 AM


Jan Frosik
extremely well done!

marco prenninger
very beautiful photo igor!!! well done...

Fabrizio Jacoangeli
the ideal use of a 6x6 format......

Leica Virgin
I feel her foot is too closely cropped at the right edge, but otherwise it's very good. A nice diagonal from her body and legs, another from her head and arms, with the water, in addition to adding interest, tastefully concealing her nakedness without washing away the photo's titillation.

David Larson
Wonderful This feels like a painting - Excellant work!

G .
The decision to go for optimal DOF and sharpness/detail makes for an interesting change in a water scenes. Lovely colours and positioning of the model. However I might prefer less saturation of yellow in the skin. Otherwise an impressive shot. Really refreshing!

Darko Kordovan

F. Y. Awle
Excellent photo - colours, composition, crispness. Feels refreshing and erotic at the same time.

Dima Oukhov
Klass! Vot eta super!!!

nick kessler
amazing. i really like the texture of the water. the way its shot its as if i can feel it. /the water i mean.

Jani Hyytiäinen
That shot reminds me of the Finnish epic Kalevala

Joel Le Montagner
The paradise, really ;-)

Well done - great shot!

Michael Murphy
I love the perspective!

sogeri pilpoil
Body and hair gold coloured, woman in her element, stones turned to soft texture, gold white, green... Really successfull. Congrats :-)

Neven Spirkoski
... fantastic..

Goran Kalanj

Igor Amelkovich
One day in paradise # 5 Southern Ural. Berezyak river.

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