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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 21st of November 2003 06:23:53 PM


John Peri
Well, you know Vincent, that's the subject matter that I photograph. You seem to prefer brick walls and cemeteries. I respect that, but it's not my fantasy either.

Floris Andrea
Not yet bored Vincent... You just visited three of them!

anne knes
JOHN FANTASTIC_______________ DR.P

Michael Chastain
Would have liked it more if the Photoshop compositing was more believable. Lighting and other elements scream FAKE.

Vincent Macaluso
heheh Wow, y'all are totally obsessed with my disliking of nudes. hehehe I didn't mean any disrespect in my comments above. Really, don't take it personally. Yes, I went to look at more of his shots, and to me a folder with 35 women with nipples poking out of their towels and shirts doesn't interest me. It's almost like it's supposed to get some sort of shock value, and I just don't care. Don't pay any attention to me, really. It's just an opinion from one guy. hehehe

John Peri
Chris, there are TWO models here ...

Curt T.
model! Where can I get a hold of this model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chris

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