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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 20th of November 2003 07:11:37 AM


Robert Brown
Maggie's stunning (still don't like the tatoo, but we probably shouldn't start that argument up again). I really like the pose (while not natural, it has a sort of assuredness and elegance) and also the contrast between the coolness of the tiles and the warm glow of her body. Great shot.

John Peri
I see what you mean and agree that it can look so. In reality, though, her head towel was falling and she put her hand up to steady it.

John Peri
I was searching for the cat which had stolen my camera case.

John Timlin
a lovely "french postcard"! i agree than the cool linear setting sets off the model's warm curves beautifully. never mind the lizard.

Kevin Briggs
I definitely like the pose of this model; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The only problem that I have with this particular photo is that your focal point is too centered. Nevertheless, I definitely like the work that you have done with this model, particularly the black-and-white. The color is nice, but there is something about the black-and-white that is a little bit more preferable to me. Keep up the very good work!

Thomas Collins
John, I like this. The bottles of perfume add class to this image. You have tied the colors together well, including the frame. I personally think the model's pose is just fine. She looks as relaxed as one can and maintain good posture.

Tore Nilsson

I like her pose and expression, this works great.


Best Regards Tore

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