El 2

by Peri John

el nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 18th of November 2003 09:49:29 PM


Richard Price
Model is depersonalized, indifferent. The colors are great.

Timo Hartikainen
I liked this when I saw it briefly first time earlier today, now I watch it again, and still like it, but I found two things I would like to change, the shadow on the left, and her left hand seems to disappear to somewhere. But it's very nice shot, and a little bit different than most of your photos.

Ken Thalheimer
Not one of the stronger ones John. That left arm almost looks as if it was amputated

John Peri
Maybe if the right hand moved down a bit, the left arm would look less awkward, but then, the pose was meant to have a slightly surreal look to it. I love to receive people's critics, that is why I post my pictures here but, actually, I like this more than many of the more classic glamour style shots I have posted which go for a wider appeal. Thanks to all for your critics.

David Roossien
Wading through 300+ of your photos this was the 1st one I chose to view. I think it stands out from your collection because it emphasizes her shape. The arms are arranged so as not to distract from her simple shape. Choosing not to include her eyes and hair strengthens the focus on her basic form. The surroundings are simple and clean with a modern theme--perfect for such a shot. My favorite in your collection. Well done.

John Peri
Sounds like a chore! Glad you liked this one though. I'm not convinced that I succeeded in what I set out to do, but I will try to work a bit further on this concept. As it is, maybe there is too much clutter behind the figure.

John Peri
Kitchen Another kitchen fantasy .....

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